March 2019

Nuclear Reactors 665 - Moltex Energy And Fermi Energia Are Working On Siting And Licensing A Moltex Stable Salt Reactor in Estonia

       Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe. The Gulf of Finland is to the north and the Baltic Sea is to the west. The country of Latvia lies to the south and Russia lies to the east. Estonia has a land area of about sixteen thousand square miles which includes the mainland and over two thousand islands.

Nuclear Reactors 664 - U.S. Energy Infromation Administration Releases Performance Numbers For U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Reactor Fleet

        The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has announced that the fleet of U.S. commercial nuclear reactors produced more electricity in 2018 that in any previous year. In 2018, U.S. nuclear power generation of eight hundred seven and one tenth terawatts was slightly higher than 2010, the previous peak year at eight hundred seven terawatts. However, the U.S.

Nuclear Reactors 663 -China General Nuclear Power Group Just Requested Bids To Construct a Large Nuclear-Powered Vessel

        China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) has just put out a request for bids to construct a nuclear powered vessel that will be about five hundred feet long, about a hundred feet wide and about sixty feet in depth with a displacement of about thirty thousand tons. In the request for bids, the ship is described as “experimental.”

Radioactive Waste 385 - Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation Developing Processes For Recycling Vitrified Waste

       One of the suggested ways of permanently disposing of spent nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive wastes is to mix them with sand and chemicals and heat the mixture until it turns into glass logs. This is referred to as vitrification.

Nuclear Reactors 662 - Nuclear Industry Appealing To Nuclear Regulatory Commission For Relief From Inspections and Reporting

       Many years ago, shortly after I left college, I was talking to some folks about nuclear power. I said that I was confident that engineers could design safe systems but that we would have to rely on government and industry to be far more competent and honest than they had ever been in order to use nuclear power without major accidents.