December 2011

A Review of "Two Zen Classics"

A Translation by Katsuki Sekida
 Zen Buddhism is a particular format of Buddhism that was arrived at by the Chinese and Indian exchange during the centuries prior to the Mongol invasion. Practiced around the world and becoming much more familiar to western civilization through a variety of media formats. For many hundreds of years, scholars, monks, merchants, and ambassadors traveled between the countries expanding learning, providing spiritual insight, increasing trade and entertaining cordial dialogues as well as peaceful relations. In this time period the two texts found in Two Zen Classics  were composed. The Gateless Gate and The Blue Cliff Records were translated and annotated by teacher Katsuki Sekida.

A Review of "Gems of Chinese Literature"

A Rich Collection of Chinese Literary Arts



Gems of Chinese Literature was translated, selected and edited by Herbert A. Giles in 1884. These gems are one of the early "literary prospecting" works of the late 19th century in which English speaking audiences were given some of their very first views of the vast literature in the Chinese language. The selections cover a huge swath of Chinese history beginning with their beginning of their "classics" with the great K'ung Fu-tzu (Confucius).

A Review of T'ai Kung's "Six Secret Teachings"

From "The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China" translated By Ralph D. Sawyer


     T'ai Kung's Six Secret Teachings is the first of The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, a collection of texts translated by Ralph D. Sawyer with Mei-chün Sawyer.  According to the author, these seven military classics are widely available in the East, the material forming a plethora of additional translations, and published editions. In addition, according to the translator, many businesses, businesspeople, countries, and individuals around the world use many of the principles presented in the overall Seven Military Classics.

My First Book of Mandarin Chinese Words

My daughter loves to pick out books from the “My First Book of” series. We don’t always learn many words, but she really enjoys reading through the terms—particularly to see how to say common phrases and animal names in the different languages—and hearing how they are pronounced. Her favorite, so far, is the Spanish book, but we just picked up My First Book of Mandarin Chinese Words this weekend, so that may change!